2 Beautiful Actress Meets For The Very First Time

source: Instagram
Recently, we featured Liza Soberano with a short hair, a look that she chose to remember her character in her ecent movie. In the event where she spotted with the said look had also become the place where two beauties meet in person.

In Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. Awards night, Liza Soberano had the chance to meet face to face timeless beauty Marian Rivera. The two were spotted exchanging greeting to each other before the event started.

As seen in the video, Marian Rivera was on her seat next to her husband Dingdong Dantes. Liza arrived together with Enrique Gil and gave all the A-list stars her courtesy by coming to each and everyone's seat to extend her greetings with humble. The one-on-one encounter between Marian Rivera and Liza Soberano did not last long as Liza wants to greet everyone before the show starts.

Despite just exchanging warm greetings, it can be seen from Marian Rivera's reaction that she's very pleased and appreciated Liza's effort to personally come to her seat although they come from other networks and have not given the opportunity to work together in one project yet.

Going through the fans reaction, of course, many were also pleased and felt proud with Liza Soberano's gesture although it is expected from her that she would really greet everyone in the event. Meanwhile, some can't refrain comparing the two celebrities' beauties which we can say relative and incomparable because they really are beautiful in their own ways.

In the said event, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were awarded box office loveteam through their recent movie.

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