A Glimpse of An Angel's Daughter

source: instagram
If you spent time this weekend watching the entries of CineFilipinlo films, Iana Bernardez would be a familiar face to you. You might know her first for the role she portrayed in "Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus" which bagged the "Best Film" in the recently concluded CineFilipino movie Festival but did you know that she's the eldest daughter of Angel Aquino?

Meet Iana Bernardez, the 23-year-old daughter of Angel Aquino. Iana Bernardez now starts to catch the attention of many Filipinos after she gave more than enough persona to her role in the film "Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus". The said indie film somewhat became Iana's vehicle to prove that she's a born actress just like her mom Angel Aquino.

It's not just her natural acting skills that made people go wanting to know more about her as she's also a beauty just like her mother. Both Iana and Angel share the same facial structure with high cheek bones and perfect slim face. Iana is also blessed with thick yet on point eye brows just like her mom's.

 Checking Iana and Angel Aquino's official Instagram account, we can say that the two just share a very small age gap based on Angel Aquino's youthful beauty. We won't doubt if some would mistake them as sisters.

As mentioned, Iana has already ventured the entertainment industry and we can say that as early as now, maby are already rooting for her while some are still in shock that she really got all the potential to be an actress just like her mom because there is no trace on her social.media accounts that Iana has the interest entering the showbiz industry.

source: instagram
 Well, let's keep an eye on this beautiful lady maybe one of these days she would be gracing the small screen. Who knows she might get casted to "Ang Probinsyano" sooner or later, right?

source: instagram

source: instagram

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