Yaya Dub A good Drummer

Each day Maine Mendoza AKA Yaya Dub never fails to amaze us. Other than being the Dubsmash queen, Maine Mendoza also plays the drums. Watch Maine Mendoza as she covers “In my place “ by Coldplay on drums.
Yaya Dub hidden talent
Who would have thought that Yaya Dub has a hidden talent in playing the drums? Maine Mendoza or also known as Yaya Dub stun the netizens for her skills in playing the drums. Uploaded by Maine Mendoza in Youtube, this video of her playing the drums became an instant hit although this was posted 2 years ago.

In the video, Maine looked very serious in her comfortable white shirt as she play the drums. Though Maine only did the basics in playing the drums, we can say that she’s really good as a beginner. Not to mention, this video was filmed only in one take.

Taking the experts’ comments, some drummers who drop their comments also agree with us that Maine is good for a beginner. One even commended her way of holding or gripping the drum sticks. Other netizens also praised the person behind Yaya Dub for being so talented and witty. She’s an all in one package, many said.

As of this writing, this video of Maine Mendoza or also known as Yaya Dub playing the drums has hit more than 700K views – an instant hit like her previous dubsmash videos. What can you say about Yaya Dub’s drum playing skills? Do you also agree with us that she’s really good?

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