Selena Gomez Says You Are So Beautiful To Liza SOberano

Selena Gomez on Liza Soberano's beauty
“Dolce Amore” star Liza Soberano was still at cloud nine during her interview after meeting Pop superstar Selena Gomez and shared her story about the most unforgettable encounter with the Hollywood star.

Liza Soberano was very happy as she shared the story behind her photo hugging Selena Gomez. She said that she met the artist at the backstage and was very shy to approached the international star until Selena approached and asked her for a hug.

“Tapos nahihiya kasi ako lumapit tapos sabi niya, 'Can I get a hug?' so lumapit ako tapos hinug ko siya.”

And that didn’t end there because Selena Gomez also expressed her adoration towards the enchanting beauty of one of the most beautiful faces in the world as Liza also expressed her love to Selena.
“Sabi ko, 'I love you so much,' tapos sabi niya sa akin, 'You're beautiful, babe.”

Also, Liza defended herself from others telling her that she’s a fake Selena Gomez fan, the reason why she doesn’t deserve a photo op with the Hollywood celebrity.

"So wala lang, pinatulan ko lang kasi sabi niya,.' Natatawa lang ako so sinabi ko hindi ako fake fan kasi dati pa lang, I was a huge Jelena fan, especially Selena kasi mas una naman siyang nakilala kaysa kay Justin Bieber.”

She also added that she’s been a fan of Selena since she was young and watched her shows on Disney Channel. Her fans can also attest that she’s an avid collector of Selena’s albums.

Apart from being called beautiful by Selena Gomez, now, Liza Soberano is being dubbed as Gigi Hadid of the Philippines for being chosen as the new Filipina ambassador of make-up line Maybelline New York.

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