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While the song by international star Justin Bieber's top billboard charts, it hit Elisse right into the feels as well that’s apparently why she, together with her friend Claire Ruiz, made a cover of the song in piano instrumental and to everyone’s surprise, they learned that Elisse has a very charming and captivating singing voice—and it was further been made beautiful because it is obvious that she can completely relate to the message of the song.

Trending in  the internet when Elisse Joson opens up about her breakup with Jerome and how it had left her hanging and unable to move on, and in addition to their breakup is that her mom never approved of their relationship that it had to result to an end. She feels the music and the song as she sings through it. Her beautiful voice, though she disclaimed that she was not a singer, it left the viewers breathless on their cover of Love Yourself.

While the breakup news was still new since it was just recently opened up by a confession done by Elisse on PBB, it was quite obvious that the breakup had occurred prior to the making of the song cover, so we can feel Elisse’s heartbreak through the lyrics she sung.

When she sung the first part: “For all the times that you rain on my parade, and all the clubs you get in using my name. You think you broke my heart, oh boy,. You think I’m crying oh my ooh, I ain’t.” We can clearly feel that Elisse is keeping all inside and releasing it all through the lyrics of the song.

     Claire and Elisse did a great job on doing a cover of Bieb’s song, indeed. A lot of fans and viewers admired their voices, and some felt they can relate to Elisse’s current state—that they have been left with no choice by the people who loved themselves too much, those who neglected the relationship and threw it away like trash just like that.

    Some YouTubers even commented that “sana mapanuod to ng mga housemates”. And one brave soul who became even  frank to comment, “sana mapanood to ni Jerome.” Haha! We wonder how awkward it could have been if he had watched this, and if he had, did he made any realizations that made him admit to his mistake and asked Elisse on PBB for a second chance? Great job for Elisse for not falling back again, it was a strong move to say that he could’ve done it before, but now, she said, there is nothing to come back for once again. Way to go girl! It’s time to love yourself now, Elisse.

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